A system to increase the efficiency, reduce the energy costs by in excess of 40% and minimise the Carbon Footprint of dust and fume extraction systems

The Innovation

A system to increase the efficiency, reduce the energy costs by in excess of 40% and minimise the Carbon Footprint of dust and fume extraction systems

Inteliair® is a programmable logic controller (PLC) controlled intelligent air control system that optimises the efficiency of dust extraction, fume extraction and ventilation systems by continually monitoring demand and regulating the extraction or supply of air in accordance with that demand. The system has been designed by dust and fume extraction specialists with over 40 years’ experience and is designed to cut energy costs by in excess of 40%.

Inteliair®, which can be installed into new or existing extraction or ventilation systems, is designed to operate automatically and can be configured to undertake scheduled ‘clean’ operations as well as allocating ‘booster’ points to maintain duct velocities for systems where minimum duct velocities need to be maintained to convey particulate. The system can also be configured to be accessed remotely for the purpose of monitoring both current and past performance as well as providing override control if required.

In most instances dust and fume extraction systems are not able to react to actual demand; they are simply on or off. This results in systems that are highly inefficient, this in turn results in the energy costs associated with the operation of such systems being significantly higher than necessary along with the associated environmental impact this causes. Inteliair® provides the solution to this problem by automatically regulating the complete system in accordance with actual demand including the ability to configure options during commissioning to maintain minimum airflows if appropriate.

When a machine is turned on or a room is occupied, a remote switch (whether this be an automatic switch such as the Inteliair® Current Sensing Switch or any other common form of 24v auto switch such as a thermostat, PIR sensor or alternatively even a simple manually operated rocker switch) signals the Inteliair® control unit to indicate the demand – the system then intelligently calculates the optimum motor speed required to meet that demand. Conversely, when a machine is turned off or a room is no longer occupied the system recognises that the demand requirement has changed and reduces the motor speed accordingly.

Inteliair® therefore increases the efficiency of existing equipment and optimises the efficiency of new equipment, this drives down operating costs and reduces the carbon footprint and environmental impact of the air movement system.

The System has the Capability to:

  • Automatically detect demand and react accordingly.
  • Undertake scheduled tasks such as ‘Clean’ which involves the fans being operated at full capacity with all connected positions open in order to remove dust or particulate that could have been deposited within the ductwork.
  • Be configured so that a minimum number of positions can be open through ‘Booster’ points in recognition of the fact that minimum duct velocities may need to be achieved.
  • Be separated into Zones allowing different sections of the system to operate according to different rules.
  • Incorporate 3rd Party actuator controlled power open/spring close or pneumatic dampers.
  • Incorporate almost any 3rd Party 24v switches ranging from rocker style manual switches to PIR Sensors, thermostats and air quality sensors.
  • Provide an RSS Feed to subscribe for operating updates.
  • Present operating data in graph format to visually indicate operating performance and energy cost over hour, day, week, month and year timelines.

Energy Reduction Calculator

Energy Cost Reduction Calculator

Expected energy savings per fan is 40% therefore

trees* planted annually

*A medium growth coniferous tree, planted in an urban setting and allowed to grow for 10 years.

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