Inteliair® Air Control System

Designed by dust and fume extraction specialists with over 40-years’ experience the Inteliair® intelligent control system intelligently and automatically controls dust extraction, fume extraction and all other forms of air movement systems. Using an intelligent controller each unit can control up to sixty automatic dampers or valves that are opened and closed to route the air and fan speeds. This is then adjusted accordingly maximising the efficiency of air movement systems.

It is designed to only deliver air, where and when it is needed, at the required power. This removes the reliance on manual control, by ensuring air movement responds to actual demand and results in a combination of energy savings and flexibility to compliment your extraction needs. It can cut energy costs by in excess of 40% while reducing the Carbon Footprint.

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Inteliair® Intelligent Air Control System

The ‘brains’ behind the system. Each control unit can control up to sixty automatic dampers or valves. The Inteliair® Intelligent Control System is designed to give a combination of energy savings and flexibility to compliment your extraction needs.

  • Automatically control all air movement systems
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Market leading supplier with excellent support
  • Reduce energy costs by 40% or more
  • Increase the efficiency of existing equipment
  • Optimised efficiency for new systems
  • Continuous monitoring of demand saving costs
Inteliair Air Control System Explained
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Inteliair® Intelligent Air Control System Explained

Key Features

Inteliair Intelligent Control System

Master Control Unit

Inteliair Air Quality Control System

Damper Control Unit


Current Sensing Switches


Control Switch


Dust Extraction Dampers


Pneumatic Control Dampers

The Innovation

Because every great invention starts with a brilliant idea.

The Technology

An intelligent Air Control System to automate the process of air movement and control.

Smart Savings

Increase efficiency & reduce costs by 40% + minimize the Carbon Footprint.

Energy Reduction Calculator

Energy Cost Reduction Calculator

Expected energy savings per fan is 40% therefore

trees* planted annually

*A medium growth coniferous tree, planted in an urban setting and allowed to grow for 10 years.

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