Intelligent Control

A system to maximise the efficiency, reduce the energy costs by in excess of 40% and minimise the Carbon Footprint of dust and fume extraction systems.

Inteliair® intelligent control is designed to reduce energy consumption, improve efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of dust and fume extraction systems.

  • Designed by dust and fume extraction specialists with over 40-years experience.
  • Designed to intelligently and automatically control ventilation, dust extraction, fume extraction and all other forms of air movement systems.
  • Designed to increase the efficiency of existing equipment and optimise the efficiency of new equipment.
  • Designed to cut energy costs associated with the operation of supply and extraction fans, motors and dust filtration units by in excess of 40%.
  • Designed to reduce the Carbon Footprint and Environmental Impact of dust and fume extraction systems.
  • Designed to incorporate specific features to suit dust extraction systems such as the capability to configure a minimum number of open positions and schedule system cleaning.
  • Accredited by the Carbon Trust.

An intelligent control system designed to increase the efficiency and reduce the energy costs associated with dust and fume extraction systems

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