The Inteliair® Range

Inteliair® have developed a range of equipment from centralised dust filtration units through to an intelligent air control system all designed to minimise energy consumption, maximise efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of industrial dust and fume extraction systems.

Welcome to Inteliair®

Designed by dust and fume extraction specialists with over 40-years’ experience the Inteliair® intelligent control system intelligently and automatically controls dust extraction, fume extraction and all other forms of air movement systems. This air control system cuts energy costs by in excess of 40% while reducing the Carbon Footprint and is specifically designed to incorporate specific features to suit dust extraction systems.

The Inteliair® mobile filtration units are ideally suited to extract welding fumes and/or localised airborne process dusts in a convenient and portable manner.

The Inteliair® centralised filtration units take this one step further providing centralised dust and particulate filtration for incorporating within a ducted system.

The Inteliair® extraction arms are incorporated into the mobile filtration units and can be used independently and connected to a centralised dust or fume extraction system to provide convenient, movable at-source extraction provision.

The Innovation

Because every great invention starts with a brilliant idea.

The Technology

An intelligent Air Control System to automate the process of air movement and control.

Smart Savings

Increase efficiency & reduce costs by 40% + minimize the Carbon Footprint.

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