The Inteliair™ Range

A system to increase the efficiency, reduce the energy
costs by in excess of 40% and minimize the Carbon
Footprint of Air Movement Systems

Inteliair™ Control Unit

The ‘brains’ behind the system. Each control unit can control up to sixty automatic dampers or valves.

Inteliair™ Damper Control Unit

Specifically designed to operate with the Inteliar™ Control Unit. The Damper Control Unit capable of connecting either via RS485 or wirelessly to the Inteliar™ Control Unit and capable of operating both Inteliar™ Dampers and 3rd Party actuator operated dampers. Available in two damper styles.

Inteliair™ Current Sensing Switch

A 24v switch designed to sense current flow through a cable serving a machine thus sensing demand.

Installation and Operation Manual