The Big5 in Dubai

Western Air Ducts is looking forward to showcasing Inteliair at The Big5, a prominent International Building and Construction Show in Dubai. The event, which last year attracted more than 2,500 exhibitors and 36,000 visitors from

Somerset Business Awards

Western Air Ducts is among the finalists of the Somerset Business Awards 2013

The prestigious Somerset Business Awards, organised by the Somerset Chamber of Commerce, has announced its finalist for 2013 and we are delighted to


Everything that you wanted to know about our Intelligent Air Management System – in one presentation.

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Inteliair presentation.pdf

Inteliar™ in France

Through its association with Formula Air Inteliar™ has been installed within a new system for a high profile supplier to AIRBUS.

The benefits of Inteliar™ in reducing energy consumption, increasing system efficiency and reducing operating noise

University of Bath selects Inteliair™

The University of Bath have elected to install an Inteliair™ control system to improve the efficiency, reduce the energy consumption and reduce the average noise levels of their dust extraction system serving their workshop.

Faced with

Inteliair™ in Canada

We are delighted to have supplied the first Inteliair™ air control system to our new distributors in Canada for retro-fitting into a wood dust extraction system at JMV Woodworks in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

Our distributor (Airmax

Energy Calculator

Energy Cost Savings and Environmental Impact Calculator

Expected energy savings per fan is 40% therefore

trees* planted annually

*A medium growth coniferous tree, planted in an urban setting and allowed to grow for 10 years.